Sunday, September 24, 2006

This is Our Leader:

For your entertainment purposes I've found one of the most ridiculous website in the world. Here it is without any more delay:

Just go to it and come back here and tell me what you think. I'm not exactly the most religious person, but I do have faith. Not necessarily in God, or any paticular being. I just have faith. I have faith that when I wake up I'll still be able to function as a human being in this world. That's all the faith I need.

So this site is saying we have impending doom. Well, no shit. This isn't new news to me. For years we've neglected our oceans, or trees, rivers, valleys, and especially our people. This can only lead up to a huge problem.

Obviously, W is continuing on with his scare tatics and ridiculousness. You don't have to be afraid of such a stupid man. He doesn't have all the answers, and he definitely doesn't know what is best for us. He is an example for the world; money CAN buy anything.

Enouogh with this jabber, if you really believe that site then follow me when it gets dark. I will lead you to the safty of life. The best thing to do in any situation is the look, truely look, at everything.

Clinton's doing What??

This just in, Ex President Bill Clinton apparently attempted to murder Osama Bin Laden back in 2000.

Now, I need to make sure we're all on the same page here: Clinton is our last decent president, and I do disagree with Bush's approval ratings post 9/11, it was inevitable. Now Clinton's doing this bitching and complain thing. Whining about how Republicans aren't doing anything. Well neither were the democrat's, or well me for that matter.
The closest thing I've done pertaining this situation is put on a "volunteer" terrorist hunting permit tee shirt. It's a shirt, it keeps me warm whem I'm cold. That's all I want it to do.

So anyways, Clinton is trying to do something about this whole Bin Laden thing. The hillarious part is no one knows if he's even alive or not. Just yesterday I was reading a news story about how he could very well be dead.

Now the most upsetting thing for me is is the fact that good ol' Bill actually made a seriously wrong statement. I was pro Clinton, even after he lied. I could try to understand what it's like up there in the oval office, especially with that cunt of a wife Hillary.

Did you know that Hillary costed thousands of jobs? Did you know that she isn't even a New Yorker? Did you know that she hates people like me? Did you know she would seriously do harm to this country if elected too powerful? Please, be informed about her. I don't want to influence anyone's thoughts, but do some research on the girl first.

This statement that Bill made was this: "We contracted with people to kill him. I got closer to killing him than anybody's gotten since," he said. Now is this just me, or does this look sort of mob like? Who was contracted to kill him? Where were your connections? This just doesn't fit right to me. Possibly just my paranoia, What do you think?

News stories are starting to get shorter and less informative, did anyone else notice this? My paranoia is growing, how much stuff is off the record right now? What is really going on with our money? Sorry, I may ask to many questions, but hopefully they'll allow you to think a little more.

The World has turned its Back.

I feel as if we have a lack of communication in this country. With all of our resources, such as blogs and emails, we still have a lack of understanding amoungst one another. I believe we work to hard to be yanked around on a chain leading us to no where.

Come give donations, email me if you want advertisment space. I need support to write the things I know you want to hear. I wish I could get funded to do what is right for America. I am a student with the desire for justice, justice from the system that gives us nothing.

I am a poor kid, I've been all my life. I don't really desire to become rich and famous, but I know in this society everything calls for money. I wish to serve the people with an informative blog daily. I want to write about who I talk to and where I go. I do relavent things daily as it is.

I am a Photo Journalist at a local college and I enjoy doing it. I've already writen well over 100,000 words worth of newstories and commentary on events. I don't really want to make a book out of it though, I just want to continue writing.

This post is more of a plea than anything else. Give writers like me a chance, I have tons of talent, and tons of ideas. I'm young, on the edge, and influencial. I am proud of a few of my persuasive peices on politics, drugs, poverty, and young adulthood.

I took a semster off between my graduation of High School and my first semster of College. Honestly speaking, I drove myself crazy out of school. It was simply seven months of tough physical work. Everyday I couldn't wait to come home and write. I just wanted to write.

Back then I was hitting up some major topics of rasicism, ethics, morals, and duties. My bosses' never treated me with the respect I deserved, I believe that had to do with the treatment they were receiving from their bosses. This is how America runs these days, pissing on each other, and turning your back to count your money.

Is this what America is all about? Please, prove me wrong. Support my cause, donate anything from a dime to a dollar. I just want justice in America.

But who am I kidding anyway. Nothing is going to change. You'll sit there and read this feeling sorry for me, but don't and won't give a chance to see this writer flourish. It's alright, I don't mind...Sooner or later my time will come. I have to do something. I'm just giving this a shot.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Beginning of Nothing.


You probably don't give a shit I'm here. Good, you shouldn't. I'm nobody...yet. I am full of genius ideas, and extremely strange behavior that I feel I should share with people like you.

I hate being censored, it's bullshit. Yeah, I'm a liberal, but I'm an intellectualist. I believe the smart people should be running our country. Not some bullshit cut rate hack. This president isn't confident enough to lace up his own shoes. Say nothing about addressing real issues such as poverty, hunger, job loss, and the rights of our freedom.

Sometimes I may come off a bit severe, or extreme. I am not. I do not wish to influence anyone to think the way I think, or do anything that I may or may not do. I simply wish to draw attention to the lack of common sense and logic in today's society. Is anyone going to step forward and take the wheel? How long are we going to allow this cruiser known as America to drift across this five lane highway that I like to call the world.

What percentage of American's no longer support this war? It doesn't matter, it's not like anyone is going to care after the figure is pressed and printed, off to make somebody a little bit richer, and the poor a little bit poorer. I just read today that the richer in New York reported an annual increase in pay. Whilst the poor of New York continue to stay at their poverty level.

You know what else I've heard? Thousands, that's this many places: 1,000 <, of jobs are being cut in New York. GE factories are getting shut down, Ford plants are getting shut down. 25,000 jobs are getting cut in the real estate/loan/house marketing area. The economy is getting shaky guys. Do you think W can handle that? I don't. Maybe it's just me This is still America right? I really don't believe we are this stupid, I just believe we're that lazy. We are a nation of great achievement, and it's possible to reach new heights. With today's technology the impossible will become possible. And that's not some lame cliche bullshit I'm pulling out of my ass. Think about this for a second. Groups of people meet everyday. Very specifc groups, such as fincial advisors, potential investors, corperate monopolies, they all gather together and hoard their own "little" stash of money.


There must be some way to balance this anomaly. There must be some sort of equal dividend we all should get for being American. For working hard for this country. Maybe we need some inspiration. A reason to get up in the morning and get to work: Improving our standards of living.

It's sort of funny, the situation American's have put themselves in. See, there are certain people in this world that make it go around. The people with money. This society is without a shadow of a doubt: Capitalist. It's the only way the Republicans would want less government in their life.

Maybe it's just my Native American in me talking, but I want to share. If we all cut up this pie equally there will be plenty to go around, and in effect will cause a more pleased public (the pie eaters). With all pie set aside here, I believe I'm trying to say if people get something for all the hard work they've done, they'll only want to do more.

It's just my crazy theory, I have plenty of them. Bullshit or not, I want to share them. Tell me what you think.

I'm glad you checked me out.